The Health and Mind


A Time And Space Just For You!

The Health and Mind Collective is a positive corner of the internet, a FREE private community of amazing, like-minded women supporting each other through everyday challenges and to live healthier, happier and bring balance to their whole wellbeing!

This group is for any woman who wants:

  • More positivity in your life

  • To be healthier in mind & body

  • Support & accountability to reach a goal

  • To learn how to manage the negative mindchatter that might be holding you back

  • To get unstuck or out of a rut either personally or in their career

  • To understand how to stop stress and anxiety controlling them

  • To simply learn how to be happier and healthier at every stage of their life in their crazy busy, full-on world!

We spend so much time prioritising and supporting others, this is a time and space just for you. Before your mind starts to tell you that's selfish, ask yourself what type of person your family and friends get when you're overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated? Then ask yourself what type of person they get if you spend some time just for you? That's when you realise spending time on you is actually the opposite of selfish and everyone (you included!) gets a better version of you!


I created this group as virtually every woman I work with tells me how they're feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and don't know how to change things. This group allows me to reach and support more women and by joining you not only get the benefit of this coaching and support but you also get to support others in the community. 

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What can you expect from the group...

  • Support from myself and a community of like-minded women

  • Tips and tricks to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life

  • Regular live sessions with me talking about topics that you want to hear about

  • Monthly free workshops 

  • Regular Q&A sessions

  • Group visualisation sessions

  • Motivation and inspiration to keep you going on your journey whatever that looks like for you

It's a FREE group so what have you got to lose? Click below and request to join. 

I cant wait to see you there!

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