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The Health & Mind Sisterhood


When I was designing this programme I asked myself a question…

How do I want these women to feel?

This is what I wrote…

-    Connected to themselves and their emotions.

-    Empowered and feeling they’re living their life.

-    Understanding that the past doesn’t define them and realising the future is theirs to write.

-    Aware and craving more awareness.

-    Understanding and truly knowing what is important to them.

-    Going inwards for their answers.

-    Living with intention and happily and confidently taking everything in their stride.

-    Operating from love not fear.

-    Willing to feel all their emotions, not running away from them.

-    Taking responsibility for themselves, their lives and their emotions.

-    Not taking responsibility for others.

-    Happy & Free!

Which lead me to my tag line for this group….

’Find your happy. Find your freedom’ and this is what this programme will help you to do.

This amazing group starts March 2024. Secure your spot now with a small $100 deposit (non-refundable) which will be taken off the final purchase amount. 

Don't hesitate! 

Group Of Mature Female Friends
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What can you expect?

The Sisterhood is a group coaching programme delivered over four months. It’s a small group of like-minded women all wanting to find their happy and find their freedom. It is a supportive, loving and non-judgmental space where you are able to share and learn from each other.

The programme is split into four modules. Each module contains 2 workshops. In the workshop I will deliver content to you and provide you with notes, questions to dive deeper and a hypnosis/meditation to help you integrate what you’ve learnt. The week after the workshop is delivered will be for reflection and integration. You will have had a week to start to put what we’ve discussed into action and will no doubt have questions, challenges and insights to share. This part of being in a group is super powerful as you learn from others experiences too. An overview of what’s covered in each section is below:

Module 1: Awareness

As my mentor, Jo Howarth says…”Awareness is the key to life, the Universe and everything!” Without awareness you can’t change what isn’t working. This first module is designed to help you get the awareness you need to move forward. Being aware of you, where you are and where you’re disconnected.

Module 2: Understanding

Now we’ve started to get some awareness we move into understanding what we’ve learnt. Understanding what you’re holding onto, where you are now and what you’re creating. Connect back to all parts of you to listen and learn from them. We’ll dig into the thoughts, beliefs, stories and triggers that are creating your current experience and the behaviours they create (think people pleasing, perfectionism, imposter syndrome etc).

Module 3: Empowering

This is all about building a new solid foundation of all the ‘self’s’ (belief, confidence, acceptance, worth, love, care, validation & compassion). Helping you to see things differently, both yourself and your experience. Reconnecting to who you authentically are. By the end of this module, you will feel empowered to create whatever you want in your life.

Module 4: Moving Forward

This month is about taking everything you’ve learnt to create a plan for moving forward. We’ll be talking about language, balance, alignment, taking action from a place of pure possibility, limitless, trust & belief, connecting to intuition & instinct, love & abundance.

All workshops are recorded and you have lifetime access to them, the workshop notes and the audios that go along with them.

Who is this group for? 

•   You want to take back control and create your life consciously rather than being controlled by old programming (you might not even realise that’s what’s happening).

•   You want to properly know and understand yourself so you can create a happy life where you feel free.

•   You want to be free from being controlled by the past or by other people triggering you.

•   You want to be able to love yourself and know your worth & enoughness.

•   You want to let go of over thinking everything and worrying about everything & everyone.

•   You want to start to trust yourself and connect back to your voice.

•   You want to find more happiness.

•   You want to feel more freedom.

•   You want some support and accountability to do all of that.

Hear from the amazing women who recently completed The Sisterhood & how the programme changed their lives. 

happy women together

Membership Includes:

The Sisterhood is starting March 2024 & doors are open!

Change your life & invest in you!

Secure your spot now with a $100 deposit which will be taken off the total purchase price.

Sistehood Sign up
Susan Sisterhood Client Feedback.png
Hear what other women have said about "The Sisterhood"...

"I would say to anyone looking to sign up that it’s an investment worth making and the results would be life changing.”

"Please go for it! This was the best gift I ever gave myself. The tools you learn within the programme are invaluable and I've been able to use them family for myself but also with my family."

"I was apprehensive at first which reflecting back was just the fear of the unknown. What I found was a group of women looking for the same things I was, I found a coach who is more than just a teacher - she's the cheer leader you always wanted."

"The sisterhood group gave me the chance to interact and connect with other women over the course of a few months. It helped me to feel less alone when I felt rubbish and Jo is excellent at helping YOU find the answer to your problems rather than being fed the answer. She gets you to “dig deeper” into those emotions and the hypo sessions, although described as woo-hoo are a great way to tune into your inner workings.”

"This course has changed my life for the better. I have tools to help me work through tricky situations and less anxiety in general.”

"A positive and Affirming programme. You are encouraged to reflect on how you can change your attitude and behaviours to bring more joy into your life. Jo provides professional explanation, guidance and access to daily tools that make a difference if you consistently apply them. Great to be part of a wonderful group of women growing in strength and self-belief.”

Jo Green

"I truly believe that every single one of us has everything we need already within us to create whatever we want in life. We're just especially good at hiding those resources as we get stuck in autopilot thoughts and behaviours that are no longer serving us." - Jo

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