The Health & Mind Sisterhood


Who are you?

You spend much of your life feeling on edge, second guessing everything, worrying what people think of you and feeling like you constantly come up short.

You’re fed up of anxiety ruling your life and creating more feelings of being out of control.

You feel alone. Everyone else seems to have it together, they all look happy and like they’re nailing life, so you can’t figure out why it feels so hard for you. But you don’t want anyone else to see you’re not coping and so you keep pretending that you’re fine too.

It’s just all so exhausting!

Part of you hopes that no one notices how ‘not fine’ you are but there’s another part that wants someone to see and help you move forward, to help you feel better.

You wish you had some support, maybe some other people that feel the same so you can support each other and to learn to help yourself to change the way you’re feeling and to create a life where happiness feels easy.

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The Great News!

The great news is what you’re looking for exists in The Health & Mind Sisterhood. In fact, that’s the very reason I created this group, to support women just like you. Through my work of helping women that were struggling with anxiety, I found the same time after time, they simply didn’t see how amazing they were! They thought their worth had to be proved. They looked at themselves and could only find fault.   They found themselves lacking all the time and all of that created worry, overthinking, comparison, perfectionism, and lots and lots of anxiety.


And when I worked with these wonderful women and helped them to change the way they viewed themselves and how they viewed the world, everything changed. When they realised their worth was innate, when they realised that they were, and always had been, good enough, the anxiety dissipated.


And there isn’t anyone on this planet that can’t change how they feel about themselves. I promise. It’s simply a choice and rewriting old beliefs and behaviours to create your new experience.


I realised that in order to help and support more women, I wanted to create a group product. A small community of women, just like you that want to change their experience and receive and give support to others whilst they do that.
So I created The Sisterhood.


A group of no more than 20 woman who feel just like you do and who are also looking for some support to move forward and let go of anxiety by created a solid foundation of self worth, self acceptance and self belief.

A community is often the part of the puzzle that is missing when you’re trying to change your experience in life. People who get you, who understand what you're struggling with, because they’re going through it too. The power of community cannot be underestimated and there is so much research now showing the positive impact being part of a supportive community has on our mental and emotional wellbeing.


Group coaching is incredibly powerful and I’ve personally seen such huge transformations from this type of coaching. I will also be using NLP and hypnosis to help you to transform your old patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are no longer helping you.


It’s super important to me that I get the right women in this group and so if you’re interested, please click below and we’ll have a chat first to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

What you can expect to get from this group

~  The ability to see the world through a different perspective

Reduced anxiety

Reduced worry and overthinking

~  Increased positive feelings towards yourself

~  How to cultivate more self compassion

~  How to find happiness easily

Improved self confidence

And so much more!

What you get from your membership and investment

I’m going to be opening the doors to this group once every four months. This is a commitment to yourself, it’s the start of you saying ‘I want something to change and I’m worth this’. There’s probably a part of you reading this now that is questioning if you’re worth it, but there will also be a part of you that knows you’re worth it (it just may be a very quiet part, but we’re going to make that part louder).

Membership Includes:

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"I truly believe that every single one of us has everything we need already within us to create whatever we want in life. We're just especially good at hiding those resources as we get stuck in autopilot thoughts and behaviours that are no longer serving us." - Jo

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“I love this group and your work. It has definitely made me see a different perspective.”