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There are many ways to work with me, all details below.

I offer FREE discovery calls to discuss how we can work together.

Jo Green Life Coach private sessions

Individual Private Sessions

Book individual one to one sessions to help you let go of anxiety and build up your self worth, self belief and self confidence.

Sisterhood community for woman with jo green life coach


A small community of women looking to find their happy, find their freedom! This four month group coaching programme gives you everything you need to create whatever you want in life.

group mentoring for coaches and hypnotherapists

Group Mentoring

The Tribe - For coaches and hypnotherapists.

The ingredient you’re missing to create a successful business!

Business coach

For Business

Develop your managers into coaches so they become resilient, inspirational leaders. Each session is customised to your unique business.

Learning Alphabets

For Schools

I deliver The Emotional Management Programme to help school children to build their emotional resilience and understand they are in control of their minds, bodies and their emotions, and how to control them.

Happy Woman

Free Group

Join this FREE online group to get support to help you let go of chronic anxiety and start to create a life you love.

Time & space just for you!

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