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Coaching and Wellbeing Support for Principals and the whole school team.

The demands and expectations on our principals and teachers are getting higher every year and this can have a huge impact on them and their wellbeing.

As humans we can get caught up in ways of thinking and ways of behaving that aren’t helping us, that make us feel more out of control. Often we’re not even aware of these ways of thinking and behaving or that we can change them.

I provide team workshops as well as 1:1 coaching (year round or as needed for principals or teachers) to support you and your team to feel happier, calmer and more in control. To help you to be able to step out of the overwhelm and to see things differently. To put the focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

In these workshops and coaching sessions I often hear people saying “why has no one told me this before?!”

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The mental health and wellbeing of children and young people has become more important than ever. It’s hard to measure exactly the impact that the past couple of years has and continues to have on each child and every child’s experience will be different.

However much we would like to protect children, they face enormous amounts of change during their developmental years and can face new challenges and emotions on a daily basis. It is now vital that we ensure our children are equipped with the tools and understanding to cope with change and grow up to be resilient and fundamentally happy, allowing them to effectively manage their mental health throughout their life.

Schools have a vital role to play in promoting positive mental health and building children's resilience to cope with life's inevitable challenges.


The Happiness Club

The Emotional Management Programme from The Happiness Club has been designed to support pupils and staff with a range of accessible, fun and practical techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere. There is also an additional option for involving parents in the programme so that they can continue the support at home.

The Programme is available for pre-schools all the way through to University. Delivered in the relevant way for each age group.

The programme is delivered by The Happiness Club Trainers directly to the students once a week for 4 weeks and at the end of the 4 weeks, all staff are invited to a workshop to teach them the techniques. This enables them to continue with the techniques with the children and also assists them in building their own wellbeing and resilience.

If you work in a school and would like more information about The Emotional Management Programme, please click below or feel free to call me.


"Many thanks Jo for delivering such a valuable programme at Taylors College. It is much needed in times like now when we see the rising importance of safeguarding the mental wellbeing of our students and staff. It is fun, practical and easy to understand even for our international students. Jo was so flexible in tailor-making the programme to accommodate our class scheduling to make it work for our students.  I would totally recommend the programme to other education providers."

Margaret Chen, Student Welfare Manager at The Study Group/Taylors College

“Gained more than a little self awareness.”

“The session has provided tools to improve my perception of life for better living.”

“Topics covered were good. High level and a lot of ground covered.”

“Explaining each topics using real life examples was very interesting.”

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