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What if you could let go of this…..?

By Jo Green

One thing that has created misery in my life over and over again, is comparison. Teddy Roosevelt was spot on when he said “Comparison was the thief of joy”.

I reckon if they were giving out medals for comparison, I would undoubtedly get a gold, as I found so many ways to use it and make myself feel like utter crap! Take for instance years ago when I was struggling massively with anxiety, I would compare my life with others and tell myself that I had no right to feel so anxious. What did I have to feel anxious about, I had a nice home, loving family, good job (that I was good at), on the surface I had everything and so I’d look at other people who had a genuine reason to feel anxious and I’d compare myself to them and totally invalidate my feelings.

Even when I started my business full time, I would go on to other people’s websites and compare myself to them. I told myself that they knew way more than me, they were super successful and what did I have to offer, why would anyone want to work with me?

When we compare ourselves to others, we’re comparing how we feel on the inside with how others look on the outside. It’s not a fair comparison as you have no idea how that other person is feeling. Quite possibly they are comparing themselves to you and falling short.

So what if you could let go of comparison? What if you didn’t decide how much you’re worth based on how you unfairly compare yourself to others? What if you knew your worth was innate, were able to appreciate all the good things about yourself and instead of bashing yourself for any perceived short coming, you were able to see it as an opportunity for growth & evolving?

This is just part of what we’ll be working on in The Sisterhood - Find your Happy, Find your Freedom, my group coaching programme that starts again in September. It’s the most comprehensive programme I’ve ever written and by the end of the 4 months, you will have more awareness and understanding about yourself and your behaviours than ever before, which will empower you to move forward. There are very limited spaces which are going fast, so to find out more and reserve your spot, click here.

I look forward to seeing you in this amazing small community!

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