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Tips to a Happy Holiday

This time of year is marketed as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and that creates some pretty hefty expectations of what ‘should’ happen and how you ‘should’ feel. So below you’ll find some tips to help you to let go and enjoy a happy holiday:


•   Start each day with 5 minutes of slow, deep breaths: We react rather than respond when we’re stressed, so use your breath to keep your mind & body calm to start the day and as much during the day as you need. I guarantee if you do, you’ll enjoy the time more.

•   Remind yourself all you get to control is you:  when you notice yourself trying to control anything outside of you, take a breath and choose to let it go (I promise you it is a choice).

•   Aim for good enough: Let go of the need for perfect, it will cause you nothing but stress. Instead ask yourself what does good enough look like?

•   Awareness of your stories: What stories are you telling yourself about what you have to do, what should happen, how things must be? They’re all stories and there’s not an ounce of truth in there. When you notice the story ask yourself…”Is it true? Is it absolutely true? Is it useful? Is it helpful?”. You’ll soon realise nearly all the stories are not true, useful or helpful and it’s so much easier to let it go.

•   Stop - notice - choose: when you feel yourself triggered by someone or something, use these 3 simple words to stop a reaction. Stop! Then notice what’s happening and how you were about to react. Then consciously choose your response.

•   Make time for rest:  I say it often enough but rest is a crucial part of our wellbeing and is critical if we’re going to enjoy the season. So, say no where you want to, prioritise time for simply resting, however that looks for you.


I want to end with one question…..this time next year, what do you want to be looking back on?  That question may seem overwhelming, or there may be a part of you that feels nothing possible, or perhaps it excites you and you’re ready to make 2024 the year everything changes. I really encourage you to think about it, because if we don’t live intentionally, we live from our subconscious programming and that generally leads to more of what we don’t want.

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