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This makes change easy

Did you know that every single one of us views the world differently?

The way we see the world is created by our past experiences, what we’re currently choosing to focus on, our values, our beliefs and much more.

We also delete, distort and generalise information to make it fit with our narrative, our perspective which means there is a lot we’re not seeing - our blind spots.

How we view the world then creates how we feel…so whether something triggers us, or makes us feel happy, angry etc, which creates our behaviour. The diagram below shows the process (which is know as the NLP Communication Model).

NLP Communication model

All of this can make it very challenging when you’re trying to create a change in your life.

What makes it so much easier to change is when you have someone to ask you the right questions to help you to see things differently, to help you to see what is in your blind spots.

This is when everything can change.

So start to question how you see the world. Remember the question I’m always suggesting you use…”What is another way of looking at this?”

If you’re ready for long term sustainable change, grab one of the last spots in the Sisterhood.

Remember change happens only when you make a change.

Change only happens when you make a change

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