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This is stealing your happiness

I’m on a mission to help people find more happiness and freedom in their lives. To help you to see that there is so much more available to you and completely within your control.

Most of us aren’t even aware that we’re stealing our own happiness.

So many of our behaviours are subconscious, meaning we don’t even think about it, they just happen and it’s this subconscious robot living that is stealing happiness and freedom from us.

Last week I was delivering a workshop to a corporate senior management team and we were talking about judgement. It could be judgement of ourselves or others. We talked about what creates it, what emotions we experience when we’re in it and the impact in our lives.

Short answer….it did not feel nice and was accompanied by frustration, anger and lots of other less desirable emotions, and generally made us feel horrible.

We decided that our perspective, when we’re fixed in it, absolutely brings up judgement for anyone who has a different one. And our unwillingness to consider others was absolutely stealing our happiness.

We then talked about curiosity and looked at the same questions for that. That felt so much better, was open and we could learn and have compassion when in it.

Judgement was often our default but we realised we had a choice, and stepping into curiosity created space for so much more happiness and freedom.

I wanted to share that with you because it’s something that costs nothing and yet is 100% within your control. Judgement is stealing your happiness and curiosity is what gives it back to you (by the bucketful!)

The team I was delivering to had a super productive 2 day strategic planning session after that and I’m told that curiosity was at an all time high, resulting in an awesome outcome.

Remember that in your week ahead and notice the impact.

Take care

Jo x

judgement is stealing your happiness and curiosity is what gives it back to you.

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