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This could change everything!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Today I wanted to share a story from a recent client session with you as I believe it could really help you.

So I was chatting with a client who was worrying about the future. She didn’t know what it was going hold and couldn’t even picture what she wanted to be in there.

She said to me “if I just could know what was going to happen I’d feel better, I wouldn’t feel so stressed”.

So I decided to play out what that might look like for her…..

Imagine if your whole life was planned out in front of you, that you knew everything that would ever happen in your life. No possibilities or opportunities for anything else to happen. How would that feel?

My client thought about that and decided that sounded really boring and dull.

So then, imagine a life where everyday you wake up knowing that endless possibilities and opportunities are available to you. How would that feel?

More exciting right?!

I then explained to her that her mind was trying to create the first scenario, where everything was planned BUT she actually already live in the second scenario, where possibilities and opportunities where everywhere. She just wasn’t allowing herself to see it that way.


The issue here is that your mind will always think that it’s right, but your mind only knows what you’ve experienced and finds it hard to see all those possibilities. But here’s the good part….you can easily rewire your mind to look for those possibilities, to view things from a different perspective and open yourself up to all the amazing things you’d love to have in your life and all the amazing things you haven’t even contemplated!

How would that feel? How would that change everything?

When you start to see things that way, you also start to let go of anxiety as anxiety is fear of uncertainty but in this way of seeing things, uncertainty equals pure possibility.

To help you, start giving your mind a job to find those possibilities, so start each day by asking yourself “What will make today great?” And let your mind go and find that for you.

If you’d like some more help to see your life as pure possibility and start to let go of consistent anxiety, feel free to book a FREE chat with me by clicking this link:

There’s also other ways to work with me, head to my website!

Have a wonderful week and remember there are possibilities everywhere!

Take care

Jo xx

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