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Please forget New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year!

How are you?

This time of year can feel like a lot. You can feel pressure to make changes or perhaps you were super keen to get going and already the motivation is waning.

So many of us set resolutions every New Year without fail. Often they’re the same resolutions that didn’t actually work the previous year or maybe several years before that.

I get it. The New Year gets us thinking about what we want and reflecting on what was but my view on New Years resolutions is don’t bother.

Seriously they don’t work, mainly because:

•   They are fear based

•   We don’t understand why they didn’t work last time, but convince ourselves this time will be different

•   They’re often not congruent

•   They make us feel like we’re not good enough unless we achieve them

•   We set ourselves up to fail every time!

Instead of resolutions, set intentions. Understanding what you want your life to look like and why, what’s important about that for you. Intentions are holistic, they look at you as a whole and are based in love and wanting to feel good.

Instead of resolutions, set intentions

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