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One way to let go of worry right now

By Jo Green

Do you ever find yourself completely lost in worry? Like you almost feel incapable of a thought that isn’t a worry? Oh my word, that was my life and at times I still find myself in that place.

A month or so ago, I was out walking the dogs, it was a ‘I have to walk the dogs’ kind of walk, not an enjoying walking the dogs type of walk (if you know what I mean)! It was one of a huge list of things I needed to get done and my mind was completely whirring. I was getting caught up in thoughts and they were starting to spiral and then I was getting frustrated and annoyed that I was getting caught up in my thoughts. I felt overwhelmed.

Then out of the blue, three words popped into my mind. Be. Here. Now.

They jolted me out of my worries & thoughts and everything just disappeared for a moment and I stopped and did exactly what those words had asked me to do. I allowed myself to be completely here now. I popped thoughts into a bubble and let them float away and I noticed where I was, what I could see and allowed myself to see the beauty around me. The blue sky, a beautiful tree and felt the sun and slight breeze on my face.

I instantly felt better. I felt lighter and calmer.

I then got lost in thoughts again and when I realised I said those same 3 words to myself. Be. Here. Now. And again I felt instantly better.

You see when we live here in this very moment, there are no problems, no reason to worry. All the worries are about something that might happen or possibly happened in the past but right here, right now in this very moment, you’re just reading this blog and you’re ok.

Living in a possible future or dragging ourselves back to the past is another way in which we block our own happiness. By using those 3 words, it helps to bring you out of your head and into the now, this very moment.

So this week I invite you to use those 3 simple words Be Here Now and allow yourself to let go of worries and live in this moment. Use these 3 words to create more happiness for yourself. Might sound too simple, try it and see the power for yourself!

If you’d like some more help, check out the ways in which you can work with me below or contact me to find out my availability to work with me 1 to 1.

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