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My Biggest Regret

By Jo Green

I was listening to a podcast recently about the power of regrets. The guy being interviewed, Daniel Pink, was saying how he didn’t believe in the saying ‘no regrets’ and he said, if we’re honest, we all have regrets.

I gave this some thought, as personally, I do like the saying ‘no regrets’, as what is the point in regretting something that is in the past when you can’t do anything about it? And as I was pondering this, I realised I have had regrets but instead of dwelling on them (well maybe I dwelled for a little while!), I’ve learnt from them.

In the podcast, Daniel talks about this notion, that the power of regret is to help us to learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes. I believe once you’ve taken the time to learn from the regret, you’ve processed it and so it no longer feels like a regret or certainly doesn’t negatively impact your life as unprocessed regrets can.

I kept thinking about this and was keen to understand what I believed my biggest regret was and I knew instantly what it was, as soon as I asked myself that question I knew the answer. It was allowing myself to stay stuck feeling unhappy for so long. I know now that I absolutely didn’t have to stay in that place, but as I said earlier, I’ve also processed that regret and know I’ll never allow myself to be back in that place. That’s what I learnt from the regret and now I look after myself, know when to reach out and value myself and my wellbeing.

Every single one of us deserves to feel happy and free and that’s how I came up with the tag line for the new round of The Sisterhood - Find your Happy, Find your Freedom.

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