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Is this what you’ve been missing?

By Jo Green

Back in January of this year, I ran a short 4 day live course in my FREE private Facebook group: The Health and Mind Collective entitled “The 4 Secret Ingredients to Create a Life you Love” (the lives are still available to watch in the ‘Guides’ section of the group).

Spoiler alert! The 4 ingredients are Belief, Trust, Love & Community. I know that with these 4 ingredients you can honestly create whatever you want in life and absolutely live a life you love.

I go into each of the 4 ingredients way more in each of the lives and you’ll see that the first 3 are things that you can create yourself. You can be completely independent and absolutely create belief, trust and love. But it’s the final ingredient….COMMUNITY, that makes the journey easier, more fulfilling and far more likely to stick.

Community was ingredient that was missing from my journey (if I’m honest I was missing most of the ingredients for quite some time - which is why I share them with you now so you don’t have to struggle as much as I did!) and it’s because of the power of community that I created by group coaching programme ‘The Sisterhood’. I’ve recently rewritten the programme and it’s now by far the most comprehensive programme I’ve written and what makes it more powerful, is the community you become a part of during it.

The power of knowing others struggle with what you struggle with, other people celebrating your wins with you and you celebrating theirs, being seen, heard and a safe space being held for you to learn, grow and evolve.

The next round of The Sisterhood - Find your Happy, Find your Freedom starts in September and spaces are limited. If you’re ready to feel happier and freer, however that looks for you, I’d love you to join us.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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