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Imagine this….

By Jo Green

When I think back about 6 years ago I could never have imagined that my life would be as it is now.

Back then, I was the poster child for High Functioning Anxiety and so no one knew that I was being ruled by fear. They thought I had it all together. They saw that I was achieving, hardworking, chatty and appeared calm and in control. What they didn’t see was that I was operating completely from a lack of confidence and self-belief. That I didn’t and couldn’t see my value so I was working harder and harder spurred on by fear of failure, perfectionism and overthinking. And I burnt out.

I see that so often with now clients. Amazing women who have so much to offer but they’re trying to do everything from a place of not believing they’re good enough, from fear, like I was. That’s why I love what I do. That moment when I can see that my client has just had a glimpse of their worth, when they actually allow themselves to see a glimmer of their amazingness, it’s honestly the best thing ever!

I have never met anyone who doesn’t have the ability to find their confidence, belief, worth, value, love. Imagine this….you wake up in the morning and your mind goes to that challenging thing you’ve got today and instead of spiralling into fear, worry and overthinking, you tell yourself you’ve got this. You know whatever happens you’ll be ok and you know you have value to offer. You back yourself and it feels amazing!

How good would that feel? To know your worth and value yourself. To love and care for yourself and to accept, validate and support yourself on your journey.

We’re covering all of that (and more) in module 3 of The Sisterhood - Find your Happy, Find your Freedom.

If you want to truely understand who you and feel good inside and out, come join us in The Sisterhood. Join us!

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