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I shouldn’t be feeling this way

How are you? (Please take a moment to actually think about that question).

How often do you invalidate how you’re feeling?

What do I mean by that? We’re pretty good at telling ourselves we shouldn’t be feeling however we’re feeling.

You may tell yourself that you’ve got no reason to be feeling however you’re feeling. That you’ve got a good life and should be grateful for what you’ve got. You might even feel ashamed that you feel that way and are scared to tell anyone for fear of being judged.

This has come up in quite a few conversations recently and so I wanted to talk about it and tell you that if this resonates you’re not alone. Also, that however you feel it’s valid. Even if you have the seemingly ‘perfect’ life to others, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to feel anxious/depressed/unhappy/unfulfilled or whatever your feeling is.

It is your responsibility to help yourself though.

You can absolutely change how you’re feeling and you’re the only one that can do that.

I kept myself in a place feeling terrible for so long because I didn’t take action and I now know there was no need for me to stay in that place for so long. I want my lesson to help others and stop them from being in that place for too long. I also know that being able to talk things through with someone can sometimes be all that you need.

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