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I missed a life memo somewhere…

I wanted to share a story with you because I think it may resonate and help you relax a wee bit….

About 6 or 7 years ago I was struggling. I would wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread and panic and just wanted to pull the covers over my head, stay in bed and cry.

Everything was hard and I felt like I was sinking.

I lived for the weekends but then spent Sunday feeling super anxious about the week ahead, so basically I was just about getting through 6 days and kind of enjoying 1.

I was exhausted and had no idea how to change my experience.

I couldn’t work out how everyone else appeared to be sailing through life. How no one else seemed to be struggling as much as I was. I was convinced I’d missed a life memo somewhere along the line. That everyone else knew something I didn’t but clearly I wasn’t going to ask anyone because what if everyone knew how much I was struggling, what would they think of me then?!?!?

So I continued to pretend that I also had it together, whilst on the inside feeling like I was drowning.

What I know now, is that everyone is struggling to some extent or the other, it’s just they’re pretending too. Most of us are walking around pretending we’re fine but also comparing how we feel on the inside with how everyone else looks on the outside. But to everyone else, you look like you’re sailing through life too.


It doesn’t have to stay this way, there is a way to create a life abundant with happiness and freedom IF you’re willing to prioritise you.

I share posts daily on social media to help you to do that & if you’d like a bit more support, you can book a FREE chat with me by clicking here.

Please know you’re not alone and you absolutely haven’t missed any life memo. You are the one that gets to change your experience.

Are you willing to prioritise you?

Take care

Jo x

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