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How do you feel about triggers?

Hey there,

How are you?

What was your response to the title of this email?

Triggers are a common subject in my client sessions and the narrative around triggers tends to be….something (or someone!) that controls how you feel and you have no control over it at all.

BUT (you knew the ‘but’ was coming didn’t you!)…I want to give you a different perspective of triggers today and one, that if you choose to adopt, could lead to so much more happiness and freedom in your life.


For me a trigger is a trailhead. It’s something that is pointing us in the direction of where we are not free and if we’re willing to do the work, there is more freedom and happiness waiting at the end. You get to dissolve those triggers.

So when you notice you’ve been triggered, instead of allowing yourself to feel powerless and totally controlled by a situation or a person, I want you to ask yourself this……

“What is the story I’m telling myself that is creating this triggered feeling within me?”

If you are willing to follow the trailhead that a trigger is pointing out to you, I guarantee you’ll experience a change in your life.

Give it a go!

And remember, you have way more control over your life than you probably believe. Your choices give you that power.

Take care

Jo x

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