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Creating the perfect life…

Hi there

How are you?

I have a question for you….are you trying to create the ‘perfect’ life? A life where happiness is always present, there are no challenges and everything is easy?

I hate to burst your bubble but that type of life doesn’t exist and so you’re setting yourself up to always be on the search for something & never feeling happy where you are. You will always be living from a place of ‘I’ll be happy when….’.

However, the type of life that you can create, a life where you’re willing to work with yourself, with all your emotions and all parts of you, I believe, is even better than the ‘perfect’ one you may have in your head, and here’s why….

• The picture you have in your head is not one where you’re comfortable facing and interacting with ALL emotions. You need everything to be ok for you to be ok. That isn’t freedom.

• When you’re happy to be with and interact with all of your emotions, you feel more confident to face each day as you know you’ll get through it.

• You feel in control because you have let go of the need to control. You go with the flow and therefore don’t need to worry about everything that may come up.

• When you’re feeling good, you enjoy every moment. You’re in the moment and those good feelings feel even better!

• Your base level of happiness is higher because of all of the above.

I could go on listing the reasons, but you get the idea.

This type of life is possible for everyone, if you’re willing to do the work.

Take a small step today: What’s one small thing you could do today to start to create this life?

And if you need any help, feel free to click here and book a FREE chat with me.

Take care

Jo x

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