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Anxiety & Time

Anxiety and time are completely intertwined. Let me explain more…

First off, anxiety only exists when you’re living in another time, a time in the future that doesn’t actually exist anywhere apart from in your head. Anxiety disappears when we let go of time and just be here now, fully in this moment, because anxiety is an entirely future based emotion.

Secondly when you’re experiencing anxiety it can feel like time is standing still. It can be like groundhog day experiencing the same feelings of panic, worry and dread day after day and feeling like it will never change.

And then of course there’s the feeling like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done that you tell yourself you should be doing and this can be driven by anxiety.


Take a breath.

When you have a clear plan that you work through step by step, you get to live in the present. You’re taking small steps so time is no longer standing still and because you have small steps planned in, you don’t have the feeling of not enough time, you’re not overloading yourself.

All of that starts by taking action. Taking that very first step.

I know it may feel scary and your mind will tell you all the reasons not to but I promise, everything starts with that first step.

So what is your very first step?

Anxiety is an entirely future based emotion.

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