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Confident Woman


Create A Life You Want!

Maybe you don’t feel that you fit in the other categories that I offer but maybe you’re keen to work with me. If that’s the case, let's chat!


I work with women who want to learn how to let go of the chronic anxiety that is ruling their life and leading to behaviours and other experiences that are exhausting them, such as people pleasing, perfectionism and imposter syndrome and many more.

I believe that the root cause of most people’s anxiety is that they don’t see how amazing they are, they don’t see their worth and are lacking self belief.

I will work with you to empower you with tools & techniques to deal with anxiety when it shows up and then we’ll go deeper to build up your self worth, self belief and self confidence. So that you’re able to let go of that chronic anxiety and those other behaviours and experiences and create new empowering beliefs, behaviours and experiences.

I promise you that no matter what you’re experiencing right now, you can create a life you love and I’d love to help you to do that.

Chat soon

Jo x

Fully booked for 2023! But now taking bookings for 2024.

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"I was in such a dark place that I couldn't even imagine that it was possible to feel this much better. My sessions with Jo have completely turned my life around." - Beth


"After more than 20 years of suffering from anxiety I felt that nothing was ever going to change and would never feel better. I had seen counsellors and therapist and nothing helped or worked.

Working with Jo over 6 session has changed my outlook, perspective and happiness immensely. My anxiety is no longer a problem in my life, something I thought I would never be able to say!" - Sarah

"Working with you has been a pleasure and the top of the best things I have invested in in my life."  - Olivia

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