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Wellbeing in the work place

A businesses most important asset are it’s people. The happier, more supported and more engaged your people feel the better the outcomes for your business, your customers and your people.

The BusinessNZ Workplace Wellbeing Report 2021 found that 66% of businesses said that their staff had had an increase in stress over the past couple of years. Unsurprising with what we’ve all been going through with the global covid-19 pandemic creating so much uncertainty.

How can you best support your people?

It can be incredibly difficult to tell who is struggling with their mental and emotional wellbeing as most of us spend our lives pretending to the outside world that everything is ok and so this makes it harder for businesses to ensure people who need the help are getting it. From my experience working with many clients, I often also hear that they don’t want to use the business EAP service as they’re concerned they’ll be judged as not able to cope.

So what can a business do to support their people and their mental and emotional wellbeing?

Empower all staff by giving them the tools to look after their own mental and emotional wellbeing. Simple, easy to implement tools that they can start using straight away and seeing the impact of immediately.

Client Review - 

We asked Jo to come in and help our leadership team with some skills on dealing with pressure and building resilience after an incredibly challenging period in our business. After our initial 2 hour session, the team gained so much that we’ve had Jo roll out the training to many others in our organisation, complete 1 on 1 coaching with those who most needed it, and is now locked in to visit our lead team every quarter to keep building on the work. A great coach who has really help the team stay calm when chaos is swirling around, as well as helping them switch off when they leave for the day. If you or your team are struggling with high pressure periods, or even just being able to leave work at work, Jo is great at freeing the mind.

- Hamish McCormick, Head of Operations at Cottonsoft

Wellbeing Workshops

I deliver online or in person wellbeing workshops that cover:

•   Resilience

•   How to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress

•   What causes stress

•   Impacts of stress of an individual

•   How stress effects a team

•   Taking responsibility

•   Assumptions

•   The stories we tell ourselves

•   Building physical resilience

•   Mindful Time Management

•   Positive Mindset

•   Relaxation Tools

Business Colleagues
Office Meeting

Workshops can be adapted to meet your requirements and are delivered over one hour, two hours or half a day or in a series of workshops to build on and deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Expected outcomes are:

✓     Building Positive Mindset

✓     Building Resilience

✓     Managing Stress Effectively

✓     Helping to recognise signs of stress  in others

✓     Building Emotional Intelligence

✓     Increased Productivity

✓     Reduced Sickness Absence

✓     Reduced Presenteeism


Coaching for Wellbeing

In addition to workshops, I also offer one-2-one coaching and small group coaching to provide extra support to those requiring it and to help teams to work together to support each other and to implement the learnings from the workshops. Please enquire for details.


The Colleague Resilience Programme


Imagine giving your people something that is there to support their mental and emotional wellbeing all the time. Not just when things get really bad, but all the time.

That’s just what our Colleague Resilience Programme does. This works well alongside your EAP or perfectly by itself.

Click below for all the details and contact me for a free trial.

"Jo ran a wellbeing/resilience workshop for my sales and customer experience team.

The session nailed the brief that Jo and I discussed in the week leading up to the workshop. She provided practical solutions to help the team with the challenges we're all facing in these current times.

Jo's enthusiasm, empathy and knowledge ensured that she related to all team members. Her engaging delivery style garnered contribution from a wide group of attendees, something that can normally be challenging when sitting behind a computer screen.

I thoroughly recommend Jo and will certainly use her expertise again”.

Gavin Lloyd - Sales Director at Trade Me Property

"We have used Jo for different purposes within our business.  The first time I used Jo was to help us set our yearly goals and intentions for the year.  This was such an amazing experience and we actually ended up relooking at our company values, who we were, what they were and did our current values reflect us accurately as we had grown a lot since we first did these.  We use these values in our business regularly now and we are much more focused on these. The team and I found Jo to be inspirational, positive and to really get the best out of our team. 

 I also have used Jo’s services to help me with one on one coaching of a staff member to help grow her into a management role.  Jo has a special way with people to help them grow in their roles and grow their confidence.  I would highly recommend Jo!"

Haley Asbridge - Owner/Director at Mooi Skin

“Amazing workshop!! I think all the things that she said were things we all do (making assumptions, stressing about things that may or may not happen,, etc), and gave us some great techniques to help us focus on the now. Found it very useful and really appreciated her time. Thanks Jo!”

Past workshop attendee

“You could relate to everything spoken about and a simple technique or feeling could change the outcome of a situation.”

Past workshop attendee

“Thank you Jo for an amazing session, I learnt a lot of how to process and deal with situations from a different angle. Oh and the tummy breathing exercise is awesome thank you."

Past workshop attendee

To find out more about how I can help your business, book a free discovery call with me!
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