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Online Programmes

Looking for a self-led option?

Check out my online programmes to get started now and work at your own pace.

membervault LGOA

Learning to let go of anxiety workshop

I've created this workshop to help you to be able to start to change your experience with anxiety, to stop fighting it and allow yourself to see the world through a different lens.



Are you wanting to feel alive again, to create a life you love and let go of what’s not helping? This online programme will help you do just that whilst working at a pace that is right for you.

the happiness club

Parents Workshop

This workshop is taken from the parents workshop from The Emotional Management Programme that I deliver in schools with tools to help you support your child's mental & emotional wellbeing. 

Parents Workshop Feedback

"Practical tools backed by science that are simple and easy to understand."

"I enjoyed the energy from Jo, the engagement and the informative content."

"You could relate to everything that was spoken about and a simple technique or feeling could change the outcome of a situation."

"Easy to follow with practical tips and not too much to take on board all at once. Actually feels achievable."

"Some great ideas that can be used both in class and at home - really great you are offering this for parents."

"Thank you Jo for an amazing session, I learnt a lot of how to process and deal with situations from a different angle. Oh and the tummy breathing exercises is awesome thank you!"

"I liked how clearly you presented the workshop, giving good examples followed by great techniques."

"Great tips about actual techniques we can use to go to sleep and start talking and naming emotions with our kids."

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