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Find your Happy
Find your Freedom

Start sub consciously

Invest in YOU! 

Yes it is virtual.

But with face to face zoom's & an awesome village of like-minded women supporting each other!

What are three things every women needs? 

- A community of like-minded women to lift you up, support you and champion you on! 

- An expert in the life coaching business, who has walked in your shoes and wants to support you to succeed in every aspect of life!

- A place to be held accountable, a place to fail, a place to get back up again. 

What if I told you that I have created this place where we show up in your home.... virtually! 

Yes! For only $550 per month over 4 months.

Make that change and invest in YOU today!

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Who is Jo, and why The Health & Mind Coach?

A heart-led life coach with over 15 years experience with a life-time of experiences.

A woman hoping to inspire other amazing women be the best version of themselves. 

I truly believe that every single one of us has everything we need already within us to create whatever we want in life. We're just especially good at hiding those resources as we get stuck in autopilot thoughts and behaviours that are no longer serving us. 

I do this as I have walked a bumpy path and have since learned that there is a better way, an easier way, a healthier way. I am here to truly support and encourage you to life your life with happiness and freedom!

I know that starting is the hardest part! Hit the button below and book a FREE chat with me, we can talk everything that is life, The Sisterhood and how we can move forward to make the changes we need!

Let's Chat

Jo x 

Does this sound like you...

You want to find your happiness and your freedom in life. 

You know changes need to happen but don't know where to start. 

You want accountability in yourself.

These boxes need to measure all the same size with the text to look good.

You want to find your happiness and your freedom in life. 

These boxes need to measure all the same size with the text to look good.

Wishing you knew where to start

to find your happiness and freedom!

Wishing you could let go of overthinking everything and worrying about everything and everyone


Wishing you knew you were enough & how to love yourself

are you ready to:

Be apart of a community to keep you accountable

Be apart of a community to keep you accountable

Be apart of a community to keep you accountable

Membership Includes:

Four modules delivered weekly over four months

Downloadable workbook, notes, questions and audios 

Two workshops & two coaching, reflection & integration sessions per module

Being apart of the group community with support form myself & fellow members as a when required

Lifetime access to recordings, notes & audios

Sharing & celebrating all the small & big wins, achievements & changes you create through the community messaging group

Yes! I am for real! This is a life -changing moment!


"Please go for it! This was the best gift I ever gave myself. The tools you learn within the programme are invaluable and I've been able to use them family for myself but also with my family."

"I would say to anyone looking to sign up that it’s an investment worth making and the results would be life changing.”

"I was apprehensive at first which reflecting back was just the fear of the unknown. What I found was a group of women looking for the same things I was, I found a coach who is more than just a teacher - she's the cheer leader you always wanted."

"The sisterhood group gave me the chance to interact and connect with other women over the course of a few months. It helped me to feel less alone when I felt rubbish and Jo is excellent at helping YOU find the answer to your problems rather than being fed the answer. She gets you to “dig deeper” into those emotions and the hypo sessions, although described as woo-hoo are a great way to tune into your inner workings.”

"This course has changed my life for the better. I have tools to help me work through tricky situations and less anxiety in general.”

"A positive and Affirming programme. You are encouraged to reflect on how you can change your attitude and behaviours to bring more joy into your life. Jo provides professional explanation, guidance and access to daily tools that make a difference if you consistently apply them. Great to be part of a wonderful group of women growing in strength and self-belief.”


I am not sure about signing up, can I speak with you first? 

Yes, most definitely! Book a free call with me & we will chat! 

Do I have to pay a deposit to secure my space in the group?

Yes. $100 is payable and non-refundable. This amount will be taken off your final purchase amount. 

How am I charged for The Sisterhood?

You will be charged $550 per month over the course duration of 4 months. (Less the $100 deposit if this is paid before hand). I will email you the invoice directly monthly. I accept bank transfer and credit card. 

What can I expect over the 4 months?

There is 4 module and each module contains 2 workshops. In the workshop I will deliver content to you and provide you with a workbook and questions to dive deeper with a hypnosis/meditation to help you integrate what you've learnt. 

What are the 4 modules?

Module 1: Awareness. Module 2: Understanding. Module 3: Empowering. Module 4: Moving Forward.

Who is best suited for this programme?

Women who want to take control back and create the life consciously rather than being controlled by old programming. 

Can I leave the progamme?

This programme is a commitment to yourself and the group. As much as I would prefer everyone to stick to that commitment, I also understand life. Each case will by situation. 

Image by Levi Guzman
take the leap in you!

Join us now! 

Invest in you and the life you want to create!

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